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Iran says missile attack on IS in Syria coordinated with Damascus

20 June 2017
Iran says missile attack on IS in Syria coordinated with Damascus

The Sunday strike, the first Iran missile attack targeting outside its territory since the end of Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), was in retaliation for the first Islamic State-claimed terrorist operation inside the territory of a chief adversary.

Iran launches a ballistic missile at Islamic State targets in eastern Syria on June 18, 2017.

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRCG), which fired the six mid-range missiles, said it attacked an ISIS command center, concentration points and logistical centers used for assembling cars for suicide attacks in the Deir Ezzur region in Syria.

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The US and Iran, meanwhile, are supporting opposite sides in Syria's civil war. Isis had claimed responsibility for the recent attacks that were carried out by suicide auto bombers, Tasnim news agency reported. Iranian leaders have accused Saudi Arabia of involvement in the twin attacks, which Riyadh denies. Iranian officials say the missile can carry multiple warheads and has a range of 700km [e].

Activists in Syria said they had no immediate information on damage or casualties from the strikes.

"The Pentagon said the downing of the aircraft came hours after Syrian loyalist forces attacked US -backed fighters, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, in the village of Ja'Din, southwest of Raqqa", wrote the Washington Post.

"The firing of these missiles had previously been coordinated with Syria and the missiles entered the Syrian airspace through Iraq", he said, as quoted by Tasnim News Agency.

"Medium-range missiles were fired from the [western] provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdestan, and a large number of terrorists were killed and weapons destroyed", the Guard said in a statement published on its Sepahnews website on Sunday.

The missiles flew over Iraq before striking what the Guard called an Islamic State command center and suicide auto bomb operation in Deir el-Zour, over 600 kilometers (370 miles) away.

Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Bahrain and Egypt earlier this month cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, partly over its ties with Iran, plunging the region into its biggest crisis in decades.

"We follow their actions and we follow their words", he said today. Israel also remains concerned about Iran's missile launches.