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Justices to review New Jersey bid for legal sports betting

28 June 2017

Courts across the country have agreed, including a decision from the Washington State Supreme Court in February.

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision could have an impact on an IN case now under review IN the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Obama government challenged the case to the Supreme Court, arguing that such people already have certain rights to protect them and that expanding those rights requires Congress to act with new legislation, not a court ruling.

In December 2012, Charlie Craig and David Mullins went to Masterpiece Cakeshop to get a cake for their upcoming wedding reception.

Neil Gorsuch, the court's newest justice, joined Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito in dissenting, suggesting that he may be a reliable critic of LGBT protections in future cases.

In another case of "how can this be a thing that was still allowed to happen", the Supreme Court has ruled against a law that allowed some states to treat same-sex couples differently than opposite-sex couples on children's birth certificates. Like a New Mexico photographer three years ago, the baker cited his religious beliefs.

Phillips' argument that the First Amendment protected his right to deny the gay couple the cake "easily can open the floodgates of religiously motivated discrimination", Pizer wrote.

Colorado's Civil Rights Commission found Phillips guilty of violating the state law and ordered him to take remedial steps including staff training and the filing of quarterly compliance reports.

According to Slate, the court ruled that their previous decision on same-sex marriage, which says states must give marriage rights to same-sex couples "on the same terms and conditions as opposite-sex couples", also extends to child-rearing because the state would list a married couple of opposite sexes as a child's parents.

"The fact that the Supreme Court granted cert in this case is a very good sign for sports betting having a future in New Jersey", he said. "Businesses should not be allowed to violate the law and discriminate against us because of who we are and who we love".

But the justices have refused repeated pleas to spell out the extent of gun rights in the United States, allowing permit restrictions and assault weapons bans to remain in effect in some cities and states. The Supreme Court agrees to hear an appeal from a Christian, bakery-owner who refused service to a same-sex couple in Colorado. That's not the case here, Berkshire said, and justices should overturn the lower court ruling letting the McLaughlins' divorce proceed as if Suzan was the boy's parent.

"She called right after that and asked, 'Did you hear?' Yeah, and I can't breathe", Phillips told CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd.