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Miles Teller Arrested in San Diego, Released Hours Later

20 June 2017
Miles Teller Arrested in San Diego, Released Hours Later

The actor was arrested early Sunday morning (June 18, 2017), as he was literally falling down drunk and refusing to cooperate with the police. Police later confirmed Teller was not to blame for the crash, insisting the other driver cut him off.

The man was partying with a group of guy friends according to the boys in blue, and Miles evidently got out of hand!

While some people who've been arrested for being drunk in public can simply sleep off their intoxication for four hours at the police station-avoiding any mark on their record-Teller was reportedly uncooperative with police and was therefore not eligible to go to "Detox".

TMZ reports he was in jail for four hours before getting released on bail.

Despite his behavior, the charge is merely a misdemeanor which means he won't be spending any serious time in the tank. Although, it wasn't his fault before!

The actor most recently made headlines in December after being involved in a scary auto accident with his girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, after an Uber driver slammed into his truck.

The impact was so intense that it caused the Bronco truck to flip right over.

Miles Teller may have found himself on the wrong side of the law.

"Me and @keleighsperry are OK".

On Twitter, the actor called out the driver of the other vehicle's "irrational and ignorant" driving after the auto allegedly pulled out into oncoming traffic. "This woman's irrational and ignorant decision put our lives and her passengers in very real danger".

Miles and Keleigh walked away from the crash, but two passengers in the Uber vehicle were admitted to a nearby medical centre, where they were treated for their injuries.