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Newtown parent won't view NBC interview of Alex Jones

20 June 2017
Newtown parent won't view NBC interview of Alex Jones

As CNN notes, that's "the fewest viewers that Kelly's weekly news magazine telecast, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, has drawn since its debut three weeks ago".

Jones' comments about the Sandy Hook shooting-he continues to argue the murderous rampage was a government-sanctioned hoax-were the main flashpoint for many advertisers and viewers.

Some critics still felt, though, that while Kelly may have presented a strong interview, she and NBC erred in giving Jones, and his theories, a national platform. She said Monday she won't watch the interview for "obvious" reasons; Jones has called the school shooting a hoax.

"Some of it looks like it's real but then what do you do when they've got the kids going in circles in and out of the building with their hands up".

"I tend to believe that children probably did die there".

"Parents should never have to bury their own children", Jones said.

NBC noted Kelly's radioactive interview, which had been a top media story for days, outdelivered CBS's 60 Minutes rerun in the demo.

Lawyers representing 12 people who lost loved ones in the 2012 shooting pleaded on the victims' behalf with NBC not to air the interview with Jones. An unaired segment obtained by Huffington Post showed Kelly telling him that "virtually every person we have met on the street says what they respect about you is they feel that you have returned dignity to Russian Federation".

Setting the cautionary aspects of dealing with such a personality aside, "Sunday Night" can only be judged by what made it onto the screen, which began with Kelly promising to "confront [Jones] on his notorious lie about the Sandy Hook massacre".

Answered Kelly: "Of course, there is no evidence on the other side". While it might sound like odd advice regarding an anchor who has spent the past year in the spotlight, NBC's best hope would be to finish "Sunday Night's" summer run without any more major waves, and hope for a fresh start when her morning program makes its debut in the fall. Kelly wrote of her battles with Trump and Ailes in her bestselling memoir from 2016, "Settle for More".

A parent of one of the children killed in the 2012 CT school shootings says she won't view the Megyn Kelly interview of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that aired Sunday on NBC.