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Police release more recordings from the shooting of Charleena Lyles

26 June 2017
Police release more recordings from the shooting of Charleena Lyles

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole also told the Seattle Times that neither officers had a Taser.

Friends and family members said the 30-year-old pregnant woman, who was shot and killed by Seattle police this week, was so much more than what authorities are saying. "At some point, we have to do police reform".

The killing has prompted outrage among many, including Lyles' family, who questioned why the officers couldn't use nonlethal methods to subdue the petite woman, and suggested race played a role. "I grew up in a family of police officers and this is an embarrassment to the profession my grandfather and my dad chose".

Two officers, rather than one, responded to take Lyles' burglary report because of her prior history with police.

Officers fired their weapons after yelling "Get back" several times.

The mother of four said in the 911 call that she had gone out and come home to find someone had broken in. "They could have taken her down".

When the battery for Officer Jason Anderson's Taser finally died about two weeks before the deadly encounter with Charleena Lyles, he stashed the busted tool inside his locker and failed to have the battery replaced, according to transcripts through the Seattle Police Department's Force Investigation Team on Friday.

Seattle police shared photos of the knives found inside Charleena Lyles' apartment following the shooting.


Police said McNew was hired in 2008 and Anderson joined the department in 2015. Shots were heard in the audio. Some questioned why non-lethal options weren't used in the case.

Anderson said he was the first officer called to the scene Sunday morning, and that he asked for a second officer after learning there was an officer-safety caution on Lyles stemming from a June 5 domestic-disturbance incident.

After the shooting, McNew said, 'one of the little babies crawls out from behind and right on top of her, her upper body, you know resting his head against her'.

On Thursday, police released surveillance video from the hallway outside the apartment, which shows that no one other than Lyles left or entered her apartment in the hours before she was shot.

McNew and Anderson are now on paid administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation.