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Senate Dems Slated To Protest Obamacare On Chamber Floor

20 June 2017
Senate Dems Slated To Protest Obamacare On Chamber Floor

Senate Republicans have said they have no plans to publicly release the draft health care bill.

Senate Finance Committee chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said holding public hearings about the legislation would only give Democrats more opportunity to attack the bill.

Anyone following the debate over the "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act knows the 13 Republican senators writing the bill are meeting behind closed doors.

The address comes a year after the House GOP unveiled their principles, but the party continues to struggle to come up with legislation because of internal divisions over Ryan's preferred plan to pay for the bill using the border adjustment tax. "I am in favor of the American people and members of Congress doing everything that we can to defeat that horrific piece of legislation that will hurt tens and tens of millions of people in our country".

Speaking to reporters at the Capitol this week, McConnell_who had previously vowed a much more open legislative process for the health care bill_denied there was any effort to hide the Senate legislation.

McConnell also wants to get healthcare out of the way, so that he can move on to tax cuts. "If Republicans won't relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn't expect business as usual in the Senate".

It's still not clear when that plan will be made public.

Schumer sent a conciliatory letter to McConnell Friday, calling the majority leader "Mitch" and asking all Senate Republicans to meet with Democrats next week to talk about health-care policies both parties can support.

Republicans have said the House bill is aimed at lowering premiums and expanding consumers' insurance choices while getting rid of the mandates in "Obamacare" that require people to buy coverage.

"Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they're ashamed of it, plain and simple", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.

Rather than sticking to the firebrand, leadership-agitating strategy that defined his early years in the Senate, Cruz - and those who have been working with him- insist he is working constructively behind the scenes to get to "yes" on health care.

Unlike the AHCA, the Senate's bill reportedly excludes a provision that would have allowed insurers to not cover Americans with pre-existing conditions, eliminating one of the most significant changes instituted by Obamacare.

Senators will offer speech after speech into the evening, the Democratic leader said. They believe blocking unrelated matters could shift the spotlight from Republicans' secretive process to Democratic obstruction. The members are deeply divided on key issues, the most intractable of which seems to be the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid coverage.

The most expensive election for a House seat takes place Tuesday, when Republican Karen Handel faces Democrat Jon Ossoff to fill the vacancy left when former Rep. Tom Price took the position of Health and Human Services secretary.