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Spider-Man on PS4 will feature alternate suits for Spidey

18 June 2017

It doesn't more around like the droid or the racing vehicle, the new Sphero Spider-Man toy has actually been described as a "storyteller". Unlike the Home and Echo, the questions you ask may not always be answered as straightforward as you'd expect, but rather with the whit and humour we've come to love about the always wise-cracking Spider-Man. However, the company's latest toy is a bit different.

Stay tuned to our Marvel's Spider-Man preview straight from the E3 show floor, which should be swinging to the site soon. At the end of Spider-Man's E3 2017 gameplay demo, we see Mister Negative grab Spider-Man, which could be a hint that Spider-Man himself will be corrupted at some point during the game's narrative. This voice interactive Super Hero features hours of entertainment. The toy is able to recognize phrases like "tell a joke", "let's hang out" and "tell me a story", CNET reported. But unlike those two, Sphero's Spider-Man toy focuses more on interacting with kids through actually speaking to them.

The Spider-Man toy also has a built-in infrared sensor, so it can react or talk when it detects someone walking by.

Although the toy can mostly be used through voice commands, it requires the free companion app for iOS and Android devices.

This means nothing will be shared or stored online, unlike other smart assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, Gizmodo reported. It's not the one Tom Holland wears in in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not the black symbiote Peter Parker wore in the comics (that eventually turned into Venom), but one that has a white spider design that's completely new.

Aside from using third-party speech recognition technology, Wilson said Spider-Man's conversational engine was built "from scratch" - in essence, he's "a full Android device" inside a superhero-shaped toy.