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Trump and Modi hold first talks at White House

29 June 2017

Breaking away from the past practices, Journalists who attended the media briefing by President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were told ahead of time that no questions would be allowed - a break from the tradition of two questions asked from each press delegation. Neither leader answered questions from reporters.

"I am sure that the convergence of my vision for "New India" and President Trump's vision for making America great again will add new dimensions to our cooperation", he said. "You have done a great job".

The Netherlands in particular specialises in water management and the two countries Tuesday signed an agreement which includes cooperation in managing India's numerous river deltas as well as anti-pollution measures in the Ganges River.

"This summer, India will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence, and on behalf of the United States, I want to congratulate the Indian people on this magnificent milestone in the life of your very, very incredible nation", he said. "When you value something it is obvious that you will take care of what you value", Jaishankar said. "Greatly look forward to my meeting and discussions with you @realDonaldTrump", he had tweeted. In their joint statement, they said destroying radical Islamic terrorism is one of the main goals of their countries' strategic partnership.

The White House said the U.S. and India, both signatories to the World Trade Organisation's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) are working together to implement the TFA's provisions and help lower the cost of trade for both the countries.

"Eliminating terrorism is among the topmost priorities for us". Much like Trump's own see-saw style of shaking hands, analysts said the Modi hug has become a signature move, and is meant to be physical. He had emphasised that the U.S. considers India "a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around world". The two leaders exuded warmth in the day long meetings.

As expected, neither the H-1B visa issue or Paris climate accord were discussed during Trump's and Modi's public statements. The US also is reviewing the visa program for foreign workers to curb its misuse.

The annual MALABAR naval exercise, occurring in July in the Indian Ocean, will be the most complex to date, including participants from the US Navy, Indian Navy, and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force. "We're going to have a very special toast, a very intimate toast", Trump said.

Modi said that the best of India's benefits lay in a strong and successful America.

He then proceeded to pepper the minutes of the meeting with routine backpats, two-armed hugs and profuse invitations to visit India, which Ivanka Trump is said to have accepted. The US is seeking stronger Indian protection of intellectual property rights, reductions in tariffs and narrowing of the $30bn trade deficit. This is good news for both India and the USA, because it will mean they will join hands to take on the push by China for maritime supremacy.

Modi met Trump after meetings Sunday with business leaders including Apple Inc.

The US and India have urged Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used to launch terrorist attacks on other countries.

In this spirit, the leaders welcomed a new consultation mechanism on domestic and global terrorist designations listing proposals, the statement added.