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Vettel 'freaked out' under pressure: Lauda

28 June 2017
Vettel 'freaked out' under pressure: Lauda

Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain drives during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku June 25, 2017.

The slowness of the safety vehicle was annoying Hamilton, who complained that he couldn't get enough temperature into his tires.

Asked if he expected Vettel to apologise, Hamilton said: "I don't fancy seeing him".

Vettel now has nine points on his F1 licence and if he obtains three more in Austria a week on Sunday he will be hit with a one-race ban.

Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his win in parc ferme as Sebastian Vettel walks past during the Azerbaijan Formula One Grand Prix at Baku City Circuit on Sunday. They have won three each and — over the first seven races — both had spoken at length of their huge admiration for each other.

Villeneuve also sided with Vettel on Hamilton's apparent brake test - a crime he was found not guilty of after the FIA examined all of the data from the auto and previous restarts during the race. Tempers boiled over as Vettel, at that point temporarily the race leader, was then penalized by race officials, ordering him to pit for 10 seconds as recourse for his earlier risky driving into Hamilton.

Vettel, who finished fourth and extended his lead over Hamilton in the championship race after the latter was forced into an unscheduled pit stop following a problem with his headrest, protested his innocence.

"It was quite obvious", he said.

"You look at previous year and some of the things he's come and said on the radio, so we know how he can be". Some of the things he said on the radio. 'He disgraced himself today. "We as a team know that can be a positive for us".

Vettel and Hamilton fought their way through to fourth and fifth, separated by just 0.2 seconds at the finish line. The Ferrari driver, in his fury, then came alongside Hamilton's Mercedes and steered into his auto to express his disapproval about the Briton's slow corner exit. He's under pressure and that's not a bad thing. "That shows that often pressure can get to even some of the best of us".

"I don't really care about (what happened)", Hamilton later said.

Hamilton displayed a similar detachment when his relationship with his former team-mate Nico Rosberg became increasingly acrimonious. I've heard of what he's said after the race. "I think that was just not necessary". "For me I'm just going to do my talking on the track, that's most important for me".

As for whether he agreed with the penalty, especially if Vettel's actions were deliberate, he replied: "Well, if a driver does something like this on goal - in sheer anger - then you need to think about the size of the penalty".

"He was probably sleeping on the wheel and purposely drove into another driver and the fact that he might go scot free is astonishing, to say the least". Now is not the right time to talk.

When pressed on the issue Vettel said, "It was very clear".

'Maybe I'm not clever enough, but I'm not complicated. I'm willing to sort it out with him.

"In the end I don't agree with the penalty that I got, because if you penalise me then you should penalise us both because that was not the way to do it", the championship leader was quoted as saying on the F1 website (www.formula1.com). "Nobody wanted to see the schmoozing anyway, so now the gloves are off", he said. 'The sport needs the rivalry. I still believe that today's incident will not change the respect level - but yes with every race the heat level will rise between the two greats of their sport. It's still early days, but they're the ones at the moment. You think a multi-time world champion would behave better than that.

"We have seen that in the data, with the safety auto being 150 meters ahead".

"If I had had any ill intent in terms of my driving towards him, brake testing, whatever it may be, I still think it's not deserving of that kind of reaction from someone - that person you do have respect for".