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Main » Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 press conference live here

Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 press conference live here

11 June 2017
Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 press conference live here

Leading its lineup will be more details on the forthcoming Xbox console that's been dubbed "Project Scorpio". Super Mario Odyssey will be shown off at E3, but just as many eyes will be on non-Nintendo names and their Switch games.

Earlier this year, a federal jury found that Oculus, plus co-founders Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe violated the intellectual property rights of video-game maker ZeniMax Media. RAM permits a console to load more games/assets in a single time which means that it has to load less things as you are gaming.

E3 proceedings officially kick off 5am on Sunday (11 June) with an independent conference from EA, the makers of Battlefront, The Sims, Command & Conquer and various sports games including Federation Internationale de Football Association. PES 2018 (read PES '18 full review here) has been already announced and will be hitting stores around you on 14 September, but EA just teased the new trailer for the gameplay of Federation Internationale de Football Association 2018 that looks really promising. If Gamers appear primed to flock to Microsoft's new hardware, than Sony has to do something with its PlayStation platform to ensure it stays atop the gaming mountain. Electronic Arts is unofficially kicking off this year's pre-show activities with a press conference on June 10, three days before the exhibition begins. That's according to Journalists at Windows Central, who have been the source of other correct information on the new console before its release.

So we can expect to see some huge game announcements and reveals, as well as some third-party games set to run on the Scorpio, and of course the indie titles as well!

Another definite is PS4-exclusive Spider-Man, which will also double as a promo for the new Marvel movie coming from Sony Pictures next month.

"The games that come out in the future will look so much better and you can do so much more and that's how Microsoft is hoping to get back the hearts and minds it lost when it launched the Xbox One". We know Microsoft is going to lay out its battle plan at this year's E3. "If that's the case, we expect Project Scorpio to underwhelm at retail". Every year there's a new Forza game, alternating between the main Motorsport series and the Horizon sub-series.

At E3 this year it should be expected that Sony will continue with its push on games, both for PlayStation models and also VR.