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STRONG Cullman Unemployment Rate 2nd Lowest In Alabama

24 July 2017
STRONG Cullman Unemployment Rate 2nd Lowest In Alabama

The U.S. Labor Department said Friday that unemployment rates fell in 10 states and rose in only 2.

Consider, for example, that the current 4.4 percent unemployment rate (calculated as the number of unemployed divided by the civilian labor force) was matched in May 2007.

"Our newly established $85 million Florida Job Growth Grant Fund will keep Florida on track to becoming the national leader for job growth", Scott said in a prepared statement.

Pennsylvania's non-farm jobs count was up 6,100 to 5,936,400 in June.

The number of jobs in the Lincoln area rose by almost 3,300 in June compared with a year ago. Overall, Florida added approximately 19,400 jobs in June. This sector has added 8,900 jobs since June 2016, a 4.1 percent growth. Five of the state's eleven industry sectors showed job declines including natural resources, manufacturing, financial activities, other services and trade, transportation and utilities.

The economy created 222,000 jobs last month, the second biggest payrolls increase this year. But in June 2017, the labor force participation rate for this group registered 81.6 percent versus 83.2 percent in February 2007. The biggest job gain was in Texas, which added 40,200 positions, followed by Georgia with 27,400 and NY with 26,000. 2,077,275 people were counted as employed in June, down slightly from May's count of 2,088,502, but well above June 2016's count of 2,040,370. Health care and social assistance employment dropped by 1,700 jobs.

The rate on 15-year, fixed-rate home loans, popular with homeowners who are refinancing their mortgages, eased to 3.23 percent from 3.29 percent last week. The number of jobs has grown by 2.9 percent in the past year, which trails only Nevada and Utah. In order to be counted as unemployed, a person must be both jobless and actively seeking work.

Kentucky's statewide unemployment rate and employment levels are seasonally adjusted.