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Cardinals announce Rally Cat Appreciation Day

14 August 2017
Cardinals announce Rally Cat Appreciation Day

How do cat types know this captured kitten is the very same one that committed the unforgivable sin of being in any way associated with a win by the bad St. Louis Cardinals?

On her way home she was stopped by several fans who asked to take pictures, but the cat would not be contained and ran from Harris.

Board Member Savannah Rigley says the agency jumped into action as soon as it heard the cat was on the loose following its starring appearance during the Cards-Royals game Wednesday night. Once the game resumed, the Cardinals rallied from a 5-4 deficit when Yadier Molina hit a grand slam on the next pitch. I'm no expert on either baseball or curses, but given how determined all these folks seem to be to blame the cat, it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't let the cat psych them out a little too much in the moment? "#Citygarden is back to normal and as far as we know, cat free!" 'Our grounds crew is looking to develop a stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both the grounds crew and animal should this happen again'. Rally Cat has scratched and clawed his way into the hearts of Cardinals Nation.

St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach trapped this kitty at the City Garden overnight.

The Cardinals mascot Fredbird was no where in sight, fans wondered if the cat chased him off.