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Contaminated eggs supplied to Irish food businesses, says FSAI

11 August 2017
Contaminated eggs supplied to Irish food businesses, says FSAI

The egg scandal started in Belgium which is the source of the fipronil found in Dutch eggs.

But the Food Standards Agency said the risk to the public was low as numerous eggs involved were mixed with other eggs to make sandwich fillings, so will be highly diluted.

The fipronil-in-eggs contamination scare that has rocked Europe's egg sector saw two major developments today (10 August), with United Kingdom supermarkets pulling processed food products and two individuals arrested in the Netherlands over the affair.

British egg processors have accused retailers of double standards when it comes to their procurement - stocking fresh egg from the United Kingdom but buying cheaper continental egg for products. It is forbidden to use on animals intended for the food chain in the european Union. "The Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland are committed to ensuring that food is safe, and that United Kingdom consumers have food they can trust".

Poultry farms in the United Kingdom provide the domestic demand for eggs by 85%, and infection fipronil not revealed.

The UK's Food Standards Agency say the risk to the public is very low.

Around 700,000 eggs implicated in a Dutch insecticide scandal have been distributed in Britain, authorities said Thursday while playing down the risk to public health. But they say the number is a tiny fraction of the eggs consumed each year in the country.

The majority of the eggs have originated from the Netherlands, but also from Belgium and Germany.

NVWA denied that it had known definitively about the contamination so soon, but admitted it had received an anonymous tip about a banned poison being used in chicken pens in order to kill red lice.

Supermarkets have been forced to withdraw egg-based products after it emerged that 700,000 potentially contaminated eggs were imported to the United Kingdom - 30 times more than the regulator had previously said.

In Denmark, 40 eggs from a farm affected by Fipronil have been found at a baker, Nikolai Kuhn Hove of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration told Denmark's TV2 channel.

Fipronil residues have been found on poultry farms across western Europe that mixed the toxic substance with licenced pest-control products to enhance their efficacy.

Outside of the country of origin, five countries have announced to have been delivered in contaminated eggs.

Authorities are now investigating how the insecticide illegally came into contact with poultry.

Questions have been raised as to how long the Belgian food safety authorities knew of the contamination before they alerted the European Commission.