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Eric and Donald Trump Jr roasted on Saturday Night Live

13 August 2017
Eric and Donald Trump Jr roasted on Saturday Night Live

Almost two weeks after Scaramucci was dismissed by Trump, Weekend Update: Summer Edition co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che enlisted the help of Saturday Night Live alumni Bill Hader to fill the role of The Mooch, and he did a lovely job of doing so.

The first episode served as a reminder of the vital, cathartic role that "SNL" has played during the Trump presidency, making (many) in America and beyond laugh, while spotlighting Trump's failings.

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. stopped by the update desk to talk about all the really awesome things their father has done so far, until Eric brings up Donald Jr.'s alleged collusion with Russian Federation.

For those who have forgotten how much "SNL" sends Trump into a tizzy, here's a quick refresher from his Twitter account. The Trump Lego Hotel even had Batman checking in.

While the Trumps haven't always taken kindly to their SNL portrayals, Trump Jr.

Opting not to air a cold open, WU Summer Edition hit the ground running with jokes about the summer turnover in the Trump White House, North Korea, and immigration. "He was like Christmas in July", joked Jost.

Jost added, "You can't threaten someone when you are sitting down. even FDR stood up when he was talking tough".

NBC noted it has not been three months since "SNL's" season finale on May 20, but it feels like a lifetime given the current news cycle.

"ISIS is on the ropes, the border has never been more secure and the story of summer is.", Donald Jr. began.

Later, former cast member Bill Hader made a cameo as "The Mooch". Jost said, "I don't know if you guys noticed, but there were some minor staffing changes at the White House".

Yes, the "SNL" return will likely provoke the President, but there's one silver lining for him - the prime-time "Weekend Update" episodes are only 30 minutes long, as opposed to typical 90-minute episodes.