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IL resident wins Mega Millions jackpot

13 August 2017
IL resident wins Mega Millions jackpot

The estimated jackpot for the drawing is $393 million.

Only one ticket in the country matched all six numbers in the Friday night drawing for the largest jackpot in IL history.

Three tickets - sold in Washington, California and OH, won second prize for matching the five numbers. Lottery officials said the jackpot was the largest in almost a year, and the fifth largest in the 15-year history of the drawing.

The $393 million grand prize ticket was sold in Palos Heights, a suburb of Chicago. Those tickets were sold in Washington state, OH and California, according to a release.

For the first time, Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots surpassed $350 million at the same time.

The jackpot resets to $15 million, with a $9 million cash payout option, for the next drawing on Tuesday.

That's a cash value of $224 million if you take the lump sum.

Jackpot winners choose whether to receive 30 annual payments, each 5 percent higher than the last, or a lump-sum payment.

Nobody has won the Powerball jackpot since June. This was after another California man Jack Freney won $191 million a few months earlier.

The odds of winning either jackpot is low - one in about 258.9 million for Mega Millions, and one in 292.2 million for Powerball. It stands at $356 million after no one had the winning numbers Wednesday night.