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Microsoft Surface Financing Lets You Upgrade In 18 Months

07 August 2017
Microsoft Surface Financing Lets You Upgrade In 18 Months

Subject to credit approval, regular consumers looking into Surface Plus will be able to purchase Surface hardware on a 24-month plan with 0 percent April. The program includes the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Book. But that's where the Surface Plus plans can help.

With the Surface Plus program, customers can purchase a Surface device with an easy 24 month payment plan at 0% April.

Presently, both the Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business programmes are USA exclusives. Similar to a phone contract, the 24-month payment plan comes with 0 per cent April for the first two years, rising to 19.99 per cent afterwards. And customers can add the Microsoft Complete extended service plan to their monthly plan if they wish, too.

So far, the Surface Pro line of devices has seen regular updates, though the Surface Book's was more minimal, bumping up to a model with its Performance Base. Further, all buyers from the Microsoft Store will be able to receive other benefits, such as the 30-day hassle-free return policy, a Surface training and health check, and one year of free in-store support and technical assistance.

Microsoft rolled out the Surface Plus program, which will make it easier for users to own and upgrade Surface devices. The upgrade, meanwhile, is sold to you at full price under the same 24 month interest-free finance agreement as the original - meaning you're nearly certain to save money by selling your original Surface on the second-hand market then buying the new device on a fresh contract compared to taking Microsoft up on its upgrade offer. If businesses choose the 30-month period, they can upgrade after 18 months.

To get a Surface device under this plan, you'll have to apply online at the Microsoft.com site or through one of the physical Microsoft Stores. Upgrades can be made after 18 months in the consumer plan, and users will be offered service and support from Microsoft stores, with the options to opt-in to the Microsoft Complete extended service plan.

Microsoft is advertising the Surface Plus program as the ideal solution for students.