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New Report Claims Usher Does Not Have Herpes

10 August 2017
New Report Claims Usher Does Not Have Herpes

"In the event plaintiffs have contracted the herpes virus, their health may be compromised in the future as a result of the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, high-risk pregnancies, higher risk of contracting HIV and other medical conditions ..." Reportedly, the R&B crooner has told his inner circle he didn't sleep with Quantasia Sharpton because she's not his type.

Our sources say Usher told them he may have pulled her up onstage ... he doesn't remember, but he absolutely didn't hook up with her. When Sharpton read about that case, she contacted high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom to see what her legal options were, even though she tested negative for the virus when she had a child a year ago.

The struggle is real, Usher.

Up until this point, Usher's camp hasn't said much about the rumor, but according to TMZ, he's breaking his silence. I ain't saying Usher's got this or he got that. They talked for a while, then had "sexual contact", Sharpton said.

Asked why she uses aliases online, she said "I go by Angel cause my name is clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce".

She said that she never heard from him again.

During a press conference in NYC, accompanied by her lawyer, Quantasia claims Usher picked her out of the audience at a concert, got her number, and they had sex in her hotel room.

Another Jane Doe is also suing Usher for $20 million, a figure that was originally reported to be $40 million.

Among their list of reasons, New York Marine claims the policy between them and Usher "does not apply to "bodily injury" ... arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by insured".

While it seems the rest of the world is more attentive of the current state of his herpes lawsuits, it doesn't seem like Usher is paying it any mind.

Usher been in the midst of a odd amount of controversy. "My left stroke just went viral", he raps.

While we wait for that scenario to unfold, hopefully the new music he's working on with Jermaine Dupri ends up surfacing soon.