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SKYWATCH: Partial Lunar Eclipse tomorrow

07 August 2017
SKYWATCH: Partial Lunar Eclipse tomorrow

America may be gearing up for a total solar eclipse - the so-called "Great American Eclipse" - but the rest of the world can take solace in the possibility of witnessing a partial lunar eclipse on Monday.

Most regions in South and East Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia will also be able to see the event. "The partial lunar eclipse will be visible with the naked eye". When a portion of the moon alone crosses the dark shadow, the eclipse is known as partial eclipse.

The duration of the total eclipse will be five hours and one minute, while the duration of partial phase of lunar eclipse will be one hour and fifty five minutes.

It said in Manila, the moon will rise at 6:03 p.m. on August 7 and will set at 5 a.m. on August 8. One such partial eclipse will take place on August 7-8, the release from Durairaj Gnanamuthu, district science officer, said.

The August 7 lunar eclipse is associated with the upcoming major August 21 solar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes first through the penumbra, taking about an hour, moving eastward by its own diameter in this time, to reach the western edge of the umbra. Only partial phase of the eclipse can be seen from all parts of India.