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Video Captured on Officer's Eyeglasses Helps Convict Man Who Shot Him

12 August 2017
Video Captured on Officer's Eyeglasses Helps Convict Man Who Shot Him

"Tell my family I love them", Smith begged over the radio while slumped over next to his patrol auto, suffering from gunshot wounds to his neck, arms, and torso.

Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, fired eight bullets at Quincy Smith, striking the official four times on New Year's Day last year in Estill, South Carolina.

Smith, wearing glasses outfitted with a video camera, speaks to a woman in the store.

Injured, the officer scrambles back to his cruiser to call for help.

Orr continues to ignore the officer and does not even take his mobile phone away from his ear, even after Smith threatens to Taser him. Smith yells in a panicked tone, gasping for breath. "Violence and guns aren't the answer, that's why I became a police officer", Smith said.

The clip begins after Smith spots Orr, who matched the description of a man who was harassing shoppers outside of a store, walking down a street as he talked on a cell phone that he was holding in his left hand.

Smith sounds as if he is about to pass out, telling the dispatcher that he was hit in the neck and had two broken arms.

According to a report from WISTV, Smith was shot four times. "I've called 911, I've called 911, is there anything I can do for you? I am going to stay here with you".

A bystander, who identified himself as J. Tompkins, approaches Smith, who is struggling to breathe, and attempts to keep him calm while using the police radio to provide dispatch with more details about Smith's condition. "Oh God, Jesus. You know who shot you, Quincy?"

It appears Smith asks Thompkins for help putting pressure on wounds as the bystander reassures him, and at one point takes over radio duties from Smith. Smith then threatened Orr with a taser if Orr did not remove his hand from his jacket pocket.

Being shot starts to take a heavy toll on Smith.

An ambulance arrives and treats Smith for his injuries.

Orr was also found guilty of possessing a weapon in a violent crime after a 45 minute deliberation and received the maximum sentence for each charge, totaling 35 years in prison.