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HTC definitely isn't making the Pixel 2 XL

15 September 2017

Earlier reports had suggested an October 5 launch date for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and a Snapdragon 836 chipset to power the device. Until now that is. The company sent out invites to journalists for a October 4 event Thursday, and also released a video teasing its new phones.

The Pixel 2 XL is expected to be manufactured by LG since Google wants a company with a better standing in the smartphone market than HTC, who is now working on the smaller Pixel. The billboard doesn't actually say that October 4 is the day Google will unveil the new handsets.

Of course, there will be something more comprehensive coming in between for promoting the event, like maybe more such billboard (if Google has taken to that to spread awareness about its forthcoming smartphone launch) or calculated leaks and such. However, the size of the glass back is expected to be smaller in the Pixel 2 devices than those from a year ago.

Apple may have stolen the thunder with the iPhone X announcement, but Google certainly knows how to bring itself back into the limelight. The Pixel 2 is expected to come with a 64GB base model, higher than last year's 32GB base versions. At the moment, it doesn't offer a lot of information, simply asking for your email address so you can stay updated about Google devices and services. After clicking on the link Google asks "Thinking about changing phones?".

Apple also announced a 10th anniversary iPhone X, touting the new flagship device as the next generation of mobile computing.

Google has recently launched a brand-new website that encourages users to "ask more". Google is also expected to include the squeeze feature from the HTC 11 which could be used to launch the Google Assistant. The smaller Pixel 2 is understood to be a more direct successor to the 2016 devices and will feature an nearly identical look with regularly sized bezels, as well as a 16:9 screen. This year, the company is preparing to introduce successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. Both devices will boast 4GB of RAM and at least 128GB of onboard storage and will have the latest Android Oreo out of the box.