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Memo to CNN: They Don't Call It The "Boob Tube" for Nothing

16 September 2017
Memo to CNN: They Don't Call It The

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was shocked when Fox Sports journalist Clay Travis said he only believed in two things: boobs and the First Amendment.

"That had absolutely nothing to do with sports, and they said, look, you can't have this opinion, it's too conservative, we're not going to allow it", Travis reasoned.

Immediately after the segment, both Baldwin and Travis took to Twitter to remark on what had happened. It wasn't even close to relevant to the conversation, as video of Travis' "boobs" comment shows.

Baldwin cut Travis off, asking, "I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show, what did you just say?"

Travis was also criticized by former ESPN editor Keith Reed who was also part of the segment. He's run a boob draft on his site, and literally wrote yesterday that "the only two things I 100% believe in are the first amendment and boobs".

And when I said that CNN got totally and completely triggered.

Travis, Sanders, and Trump all seem to be making the same mistake: the First Amendment does not require ESPN to be politically neutral, or polite, or even-handed. As if there's debate about the existence of boobs-but then again, there are flat-Earthers and climate change deniers, so maybe Travis has brushed up against fringe anti-boob movements.

"I say it live on the radio all the time because it's true and that's what I do", Travis said.

"I said boobs. I believe completely in the 1st Amendment and boobs", he said, raising his count to five.

Reed jumped in, trying to steer the conversation back on track. Live television happens and you think you hear something, but you're not really sure. "I'm done", she exclaimed.

Travis also said he has a scheduled interview on Fox News, where he has been a recurring commenter, where he promises to repeat the line.