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NBA To Vote on Draft Lottery Reform, Player Rest Guidelines

16 September 2017
NBA To Vote on Draft Lottery Reform, Player Rest Guidelines

The draft lottery reform highlighted the NBA's drive to eliminate tanking from the league, but the competition committee has gone one step further.

The proposed changes would begin with the 2019 draft and include a smoothing out of odds among the league's worst teams, per ESPN. Under the new plan, those teams would share a 14 percent chance, league sources said, and odds of ensuing teams would drop incrementally by a percentage point or two, league sources said.

The NBA is expected to vote later this month on draft lottery reform being pushed by commissioner Adam Silver.

The biggest proposed change in the draft lottery process is the new odds at the No. 1 overall pick.

The competition committee also recommended Silver's proposition to curb player resting during the regular season, according to Wojnarowski. The vote will need to receive a two-thirds majority in order for it to come into effect. The worst team has potential to fall to the No. 5 pick, the second-worst can fall to No. 6, and so on and so forth.

Wojnarowski also reports the proposal would give Silver authority to fine teams that rest healthy players for nationally televised games, a tactic employed by contenders in recent years to ensure stars are healthy for the postseason.

This trepidation is the same many teams will face with a bona fide franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers strategically clearing the books for next offseason, allowing an easy flip by attracting the top stars on the free agent market due to their money, location, and even their newly-built state-of-the-art facilities.

"There is a recognition from teams that on one hand a certain amount of resting is just inevitable and appropriate to keep the players healthy, but that they shouldn't be resting multiple starters on the same night", Silver said at his NBA Finals press conference. In addition, the worst team in the league could then pick as low as fifth rather than fourth and the No. 2 team could pick sixth rather than fifth.

In an effort to combat this, the National Basketball Association has already banished back-to-backs prior to live games, giving teams fewer reasons to rest their stars.