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Simran movie review: Kangana shines through an average, mildly-flawed film

16 September 2017
Simran movie review: Kangana shines through an average, mildly-flawed film

But her free spirited and independent streak doesn't allow her to take them up.

On the good side, we have Kangana giving a terrific performance yet again.

All in all, Simran suffers from a poor writing which loses focus nearly everywhere in an attempt to get the best out of Ms. Ranaut. At the moment, she is confronting the Roshans, the Pancholis, the Sumans as well as ace director Karan Johar and there is no iota of a sign that Kangana is in a mood to relent. She is convinced she deserves better. She unblinkingly responds with a "Yes" when her father taunts her, saying, "Why do you need a house?"

In his 3-star review, Umesh Punwani of, recommended the film and said, "Watch it only if you've an appetite of digesting unconventional films". These revelations are enough to put an individual, who also earns a livelihood in the same industry she/he is criticising on several grounds, at a disadvantage but Kangana cares little about it.

For the women in Bollywood, this is not very common to see.

Kangana's character in the movie is the embodiment of what we have seen in interviews and public statements over the past few years.

Kangana is terrific as the Gujarati immigrant woman, who wants to escape her circumstances and live life to the fullest. Here she was robbing one bank after the other, sans any strategy and without doing much about her appearance and still managed to not get caught.

Simran tells the story of Praful Patel, a 30-year-old divorcee, who works at a hotel in the housekeeping department. A man who has planned his life meticulously, is supremely fond of cheesy one liners, and frankly too naive. Simran also reflects a shady face of wary and unsupportive parents who although being an NRI are still inflicted by the patriarchal setup of the society. If one compares the filmographies of the actress with those of the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan Suman and Aditya Pancholi, the difference is nothing short of that between chalk and cheese.

One ends up wishing she had used the same discretion when it came to making her other choices.

Kangana's fault is she is a woman?

She added that the fact remains that Kangana had never approached the Women Commission even as she herself was well versed with her rights and law. Be it her Gujarati accent, her perfectly relatable eye-rolls at the sight of an attractive man, the way she wrestles with patience and finally disintegrates into a mass of rage while arguing with parents, Ranaut is a treat to watch. "I will find something sinful in this sin city" she quips before entering the jungle.

Since Kangna Ranaut went on the promotional path for her latest release "Simran", a lot have said that she's spoken less about the film and more about her personal agenda - her past relationships and industry lowlights. "We shouldn't have feminism in society".