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South Korea confirms traces of radioactive gas from North Korea's nuclear test

15 September 2017

India and Japan today condemned North Korea's nuclear programme as a grave threat to global peace and stressed on holding accountable all parties supporting the reclusive nation's nuclear ambitions, in a veiled reference to Pakistan.

"It was hard to find out how powerful the nuclear test was with the amount of xenon detected, but we can say the xenon was from North Korea", Choi Jongbae, executive commissioner, told a news conference in Seoul. That didn't work. North Korea withdrew from the treaty and continued its nuclear pursuit.

North Korea carries out its nuclear tests in a complex of tunnels at its Punggye-ri site and images of the mountains, in this case Mount Mantap, above it can give experts a sense of where the device was tested exactly and how powerful it was.

Prior to the test, North Korean state media released images of the warhead it intends to mount on its new Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile.

St-Amand says Canada would have no role in deciding what to do if a ballistic missile from North Korea or any other country was detected heading toward North America. Some conservative politicians even say that the South needs to develop its own nuclear weapons.

While it was impossible to put a number on the scale of the North Korea risk, war games carried out through history have simulated what could happen as a result, said Tina Fordham, managing director and chief global analyst at Citi. "Furthermore, it will trigger a nuclear arms race in the entire Northeast Asia and hinder peace and prosperity of the region".

But they also said Pyongyang does not consider Canada as an enemy, but rather as a friendly and peaceful country that has the ear of the U.S.

As North Korea holds more frequent and more powerful tests, the South in particular has ramped up its deterrence efforts.

"I don't think, unfortunately, there is no way to stop them", Lankov said. Also contains a call to "eradicate the invaders from the United States" and to erase the North American state in "ashes and darkness".

The interview took place ahead of a trip by Moon to the United Nations trip next week.

Next week, Moon will travel to NY for the United Nations General Assembly. "The summit partners were selected based on the need to seek their cooperation to counter the North's nuclear crisis, bilateral relations and effectiveness to promote the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics". The speech is expected to set the tone of his policy shift toward the North.