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Amazon's New Kindle Oasis Can Be Dropped In The Pool

12 October 2017
Amazon's New Kindle Oasis Can Be Dropped In The Pool

As already mentioned, the Oasis features a waterproof IPX8 display to help protect it from splashes. Amazon, I'm told, has also tested it in bath tub and pool water, along with sea water, just to make sure it's holiday-ready. Amazon appears to have slimmed down the bezels while giving the new Kindle Oasis a slightly larger frame.

There's speed control, to slow or speed up the rate of the narrator, while Whispersync keeps track of where you're up to across any Kindle or Kindle app you might be using.

As much as we love Amazon's Kindles, the lack of water resistance has always proved perturbing.

The new features come with an increased price tag, of course.

The new Oasis' design is similar to that of the older model: It has the same sloped frame that tapers from one edge to the other, with the thicker side resembling the binding of a book.

Despite the bigger screen, the new Oasis is actually ten grams lighter than the popular Kindle Paperwhite, weighing in at just 194g.

It's also the first Kindle ereader to support audio books from Audible, which is also owned by Amazon.

With Audible built in users can easily switch between reading and listening to a book on Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.

The all-new Kindle Oasis is $249.99 for the 8 GB model and $279.99 for the 32 GB model-the 32 GB with free cellular connectivity is $349.99. Last year's Kindle Oasis started at $290 for a 4GB version.

Amazon on Wednesday announced a significant update to its Kindle Oasis e-reader. It packs more storage space, too, with 8GB and 32GB options available.

In addition, the new Kindle Oasis e-reader comes with more LED backlights, making the screen brighter than before.

Unlike last year's Kindle Oasis, which used a magnetic case you attached to the e-reader to extend its battery life, the new Oasis relies entirely on its built-in battery. Waterproofing has always been an omission on Kindle e-readers, and will now let people read at the beach or in the bath tub without worrying about damage, Amazon said. Hence, you'll need Bluetooth headphones for it.

Also, as ever, there's no expandable memory present, but on-board has been doubled to 8GB and the reader goes up to 32GB. Barnes & Noble's Nook business is dead, and Kobo has never been able to get real traction in the U.S. (although it's popular in Canada) outside of free-software fans and hardcore Amazon haters.