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Backwards-compatible original Xbox games appear online

24 October 2017
Backwards-compatible original Xbox games appear online

In Nov. 2015 Microsoft launched its Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature, with an initial set of more than 100 titles, allowing fans to take their Xbox/Xbox 360 experience to Xbox One. How soon? How's tomorrow...

But it appears to be on the cusp of readiness, as people can buy classic title's like Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Prince of Persia, and Ninja Gaiden Black, from $9.99/£7.50. Each one has 1080p resolution, faster loading times, and higher/smoother frame rates. Another wave of curated titles will coming in spring 2018.

Above: A comparison between Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic running on the original Xbox versus it running on an Xbox One.

Some of the games will now have 10-bit colour depth unlocked whereas they previously had 8-bit along some also having HDR lighting enabled. With Xbox One being pushed as an all-in-one entertainment center, this is an excellent way to make all of your favorite games playable in one place.

Select Xbox 360 games will be enhanced for Xbox One X. The backwards compatibility team developer the Heutchy Method which utilizes the power of Xbox One X to let the 360 emulator display the best version of the game possible with all it's current assets. Online multiplayer is not supported, however, as servers for original Xbox games were shut down years ago. There will also be no Achievements for Original Xbox games because this functionality was also not originally available.

Xbox One backwards compatibility with the original Xbox officially launches tomorrow with 13 games having been added to the lineup. You can see the changes in the video below, which shows the difference between Halo 3 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One X. Starting October 24, you'll be able to use your already-existing discs (if you've held onto them this long) or download more than a dozen OG Xbox games directly to your modern-day console.