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Concern for Shane McMahon following his latest death defying stunt

10 October 2017

"Black is east! Up is white!"

Well maybe that's not entirely true. There was more psychology in this Cell match then we've seen in recent memory.

The 47-year-old father of two jumped from the top of the colossal hell in a cell structure, that stands in at 20ft high above the ring. While all three men looked great in the match, AJ Styles eventually hit Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm. My brother-in-law Shane McMahon, who will do just about anything 3 - he is insane, is against Kevin Owens.

This was the biggest surprise of the night, at least in terms of the victor.

But oddly enough, it's not the stunt itself that people are still talking about. After placing Owens on another table, McMahon once again scaled the Cell.

A shocking heel turn from Zayn, who was the bitter enemy of Owens for years, going back to their Ring of Honor days.

Either insane Canadian Kevin Owens is a diabolical genius or he has truly lost the plot. I thought they succeeded in getting us emotionally invested in what we were matching, which is not an easy thing to do. Zayn was always just on the edges of the story, with Owens pointing out how he'd barely been used and McMahon ignoring his pleas not to fight Owens. Why are they having this match without the cell aspect? MATTHEW BYER: While both teams have been putting in a game effort the simple reality is we've seen some variation of this match-up so many times that it has gotten tiresome.

HIAC is always a good time, while also filling us with anxiety than someone is going to do something insane, reckless and career threatening. I know I'll be watching.

Let's get to the picks!

There were so many sequences to get excited about.

Finally, The Usos landed a double splash with a steel chair from the top rope onto Woods to reclaim the titles. They comment on how they've been in WWE for a long time but now all of a sudden people are saying they can go. You would think that they'd try to make that special, and with Ric Flair being such an important part of Starrcade, why not have his daughter win it there?

The contest at Hell in a Cell was an absolute thriller, a match that really had everything. When Mahal returned in 2016 he had a different look and a much more intense mindset which soon saw him capture the WWE Championship from Randy Orton in surprise fashion at Backlash. Shane and Kevin battered each other from pillar to post and made effective use of the Hell in a Cell match gimmick. Jinder will move on to a new challenger now and Shinsuke will find something else to do. After Undertaker won the match, he choke-slammed Edge through the ring from off a ladder, and flames burned out from the hole in the mat, "suggesting that Edge was thrown straight into Hell". Mahal's matches with Randy Orton at Money in the Bank and Backlash were both bad.