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Dangerous Wildfires Spread In Northern & Southern California

11 October 2017
Dangerous Wildfires Spread In Northern & Southern California

Despite the proximity of the fire, the Disneyland park is still open; according to reports it is hosting at least two media events this evening, for the Thor: Ragnarok film and the Cars franchise.

With attention - and resources - focused on the explosive growth and sheer scale of wildfires burning through Northern California's wine country this week, crews to the south on Monday were busy battling an erratic, destructive and wind-whipped fire of their own. "They tried. I walked up on it and they had a ton of water going, helicopter drops, but it wasn't enough to save it".

He called the estimates of destroyed structures very conservative. He said the challenge now is to determine how to use the classroom space that remains.

The musicians are being told to stay inside and employees who live in areas where evacuation orders have been given are being allowed to go home to get their things.

Napa County Sheriff John Robertson said Tuesday that 100-year-old Charles Rippey and his wife, 98-year-old Sara Rippey, died inside their home.

Approximately 1,000 firefighters from different areas are combatting the fire. It is 25 percent contained.

Alexander says more law enforcement officials will be sent to help with evacuations and guard against looting.

An unknown number of people have been ordered to evacuate.

The LAFD's strike team has 22 people on scene, which includes 20 firefighters, a commanding officer and an assistant, Bastman said. Dubbed "Canyon Fire 2" by Anaheim Fire and Rescue, the blaze has grown rapidly from its initial size of 25 acres to an estimated 500 acres.

A fast-moving, wind-driven brush fire Monday destroyed at least 24 homes and forced the evacuation of thousands of residents while scorching about 6,000 acres after breaking out in Anaheim Hills.

The fire erupted about a mile from the area scorched by the recent Canyon Fire that blackened more than 2,600 acres and took more than a week to contain.

Wyatt said they expected a slight improvement in the weather but nothing that could shift the fight significantly in their favor until Wednesday.

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer was among those evacuated. A short time later, several homes in the neighborhood, some other streets, were also engulfed in flames.

The city of Santa Rosa and its 175,000 residents felt much of the damage, with strip malls, business parks, hotels and subdivisions swallowed up by the fire.