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Harvey Weinstein sacked after sexual harassment claims

10 October 2017
Harvey Weinstein sacked after sexual harassment claims

The Sunday meeting was tense and Weinstein was offered by the board to settle with the company and leave but he refused, THR said citing a source.

But while Democrats-many of whom count Weinstein as a donor (paywall)-may be running as far from the producer as they can, many in Hollywood still haven't found their voices.

But the company's board of directors - which includes Weinstein's brother Bob - decided that was not enough.

These allegations span numerous decades and Weinstein was so powerful and influential that in many cases the assaults were covered up and never reported on.

However, Weinstein - who has been married to London-born fashion designer Georgina Rose Chapman since 2007 - did admit that his behaviour had caused "a lot of pain" and expressed remorse for his actions.

Meryl Streep and Dame Judi Dench are among the latest celebrities to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment against the Hollywood mogul.

Now, a HuffPost report has come up with a new allegation against the Pulp Fiction producer.

Lisa Bloom, a lawyer then advising Weinstein, said Thursday that he "denies numerous accusations as patently false", and Weinstein's attorney Charles Harder said his client was preparing a lawsuit against the Times. He said that in the Weinstein Co. workers had to sign a confidential agreement not to disclose any information which could bring harm to business or other workers. In addition to the Times report, Ronan Farrow has also reportedly been working "for approximately a year" on an article on Weinstein for The New Yorker. The alleged event is said to have taken place a decade ago. The Weinstein Company board that made this decision was already depleted in ranks by board members who quit soon after the misconduct revelations became public.

Harvey Weinstein has been dismissed from the Weinstein Company following multiple sexual harassment claims.