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Mariah Carey already has her damn Christmas tree up

03 October 2017
Mariah Carey already has her damn Christmas tree up

Carey was sprawled on a sofa with a Christmas tree in the background. Carey, who has a residency at Caesars Palace but was at home in Beverly Hills during the incident and interview, was put on the spot when co-host Piers Morgan asked for her reaction to the shooting.

"It's just bad. Again, I pray for the victims and hope that all of this can stop as soon as possible", Carey said. "I continue to pray for the victims".

"It's bad because people are just going out to listen to music and that's what they want to do", Carey said. They cut to her shocked face while sprawled out in an elegant pose in front of a Christmas tree, obviously ready to promote her upcoming holiday concerts in the United Kingdom, not talk about the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The combination of Carey being interviewed just as the devastating news was breaking and the Christmas decor (due to the planned topic) threw some viewers for a loop.

Mariah Carey was set to promote her UK Christmas tour on Good Morning Britain Monday, but some are calling what transpired during the interview "irrelevant and inappropriate" in light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas that occurred the night before.

"We told Mariah's people before the interview".

Viewers took to Twitter in frustration the star had been quizzed about the incident - after not knowing it had happened.

After news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas spread, news outlets switched all coverage to the tragedy as more and more details of the chaos emerged.

It is thought there are 20 victims of the shooting, with at least 14 people critically injured and many more in hospitals. "Her reaction seemed relevant given she's a performer who often has residence in Vegas". "Praying for everyone's safety", the singer wrote. The lone shooter, Stephen Paddock, unleashed his attack from a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.