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McDonald's to offer Szechuan sauce for everyone this winter

10 October 2017
McDonald's to offer Szechuan sauce for everyone this winter

McDonald's did not provide a specific date for the Szechuan Sauce product launch.

After a very limited release on Saturday led to backlash across the country, McDonald's is promising "Rick and Morty" fans more Szechuan Sauce is coming.

Some of the vitriol was in-person, as fans caused traffic build-ups and police were involved in at least one incident, but much more of it was directed at McDonald's Twitter account, which is run by real people.

McDonald's will once again be bringing back its controversial Szechuan Sauce in the wake of seismic fan uproar over the condiment's lack of availability. McDonalds promises to bring it back to every location, nationwide, sometime this winter.

The customers spoke - many complained - and McDonald's is answering by way of "a lot more" Szechuan Sauce! The promotion is aimed at attracting fans of the animated show "Rick and Morty", which recently made the sauce famous with younger generations. Harmon was a little more understanding of what McDonald's did, acknowledging that the fast food chain saw an opportunity and took it. "Technology is unbelievable. But delivering for our customers is better still", said McDonald's Chef Michael Haracz. Anger over poor management of the event and a lack of sauce available to the thousands of people who lined up at McDonald's restaurants across the USA reached a fever pitch.

McDonald's had offered the sauce on Saturday at select locations.

In the April Fool's Day premiere episode of season three, a look inside the dimension-hopping Morty's mind shows he is motivated by memories of this 1998 dipping sauce.

You spoke. We've listened.

McDonald's responded and said their "super limited batch, though well-intended, clearly wasn't near enough to meet the demand". "We're gonna make this right", the message said. In the video below, a crowd chanted "We want sauce".

After Roiland tweeted images of the mailed dipping sauce over the summer, fans of "Rick and Morty" - a.k.a.