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Microsoft is giving up on Groove Music, transfers users to Spotify

04 October 2017
Microsoft is giving up on Groove Music, transfers users to Spotify

Microsoft is the latest company to exit the streaming music business: The software giant announce Monday that it was shuttering its Groove Music service at the end of this year.

Microsoft also recommends that users download and back up their purchased tracks, since the download feature, like the streaming service, will also be discontinued on December 31.

It quoth: "Groove Music is excited to announce that we're partnering with Spotify to bring you the world's largest music streaming service".

People will be prompted to move their music collection to Spotify, while eligible Groove Music Pass subscribers will be offered a 60-day free trial of Spotify's premium tier.

You can, of course, continue using the Groove app on Windows 10 and Xbox One. As part of the transition, qualified Groove Music Pass users will also be able to receive 60 days of Spotify Premium for free.

Microsoft plans to roll out the capability to all Groove Music Pass subscribers the week of October 9.

Bowden likewise addresses how, without purchaser benefits, the organization anticipates that users will opt for Windows.

The potential of this partnership isn't about transferring over Groove Music users.

Microsoft first launched its Xbox Music subscription service in 2012, and was initially focusing heavily on Xbox users as its target audience.

Spotify inched a little closer to owning the whole music streaming market today.

According to the Music Consumer Insight Report, in August 2017 YouTube received 1.3 billion visitors who came specifically for streaming music - although most of these listeners aren't subscribers.

The fact that the FAQ includes the question "What is Groove Music Pass content?" tells you all you could ever need to know. Tom Warren from tech news site The report says why individuals even utilized Groove Music isn't clear, given that Spotify has dependably been an unrivaled alternative.

From there, select the playlist you just created. It is important that users download and back up all their purchased music, as they won't be able to download it after December 31, 2017 anymore.