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Main » Microsoft Surface Book 2: United Kingdom price, release date, specs, and features

Microsoft Surface Book 2: United Kingdom price, release date, specs, and features

18 October 2017
Microsoft Surface Book 2: United Kingdom price, release date, specs, and features

Despite the power increase, the Surface Book 2 still has "all-day" battery life that lets you watch up to 17 hours of video before needing to recharge - this is 70% more battery life than the new MacBook Pro, Microsoft says.

The Surface Book 2 sports 8th-generation Intel processors, compared to the MacBook Pro's 7th-gen processors.

Microsoft today unveiled a new Surface Book 2 that the company says is "twice as powerful as the new MacBook Pro". The 15-inch model complements one of Microsoft's other recent high-powered devices, the $2,999 Surface Studio, which came out a year ago. "There has never been this much computational power in a mobile form factor this light", notes Microsoft. The 13-inch kicks off with a Core i5-7300U 3.2GHz with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB PCIe SSD; more interesting are the Core i7-8650U models, which can be had with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of PCIe SSD storage.

Consumers will get up to 16GB RAM options and up to 1 terabyte of solid storage option.

Surface Book 2 will be available in both 13 and 15-inch versions, weighing in at 3.38lbs and 4.2lbs respectively, both will have a PixelSense Display with multi-touch, plus Surface Pen, and Surface Dial on-screen support.

There's also an Xbox Elite wireless receiver built into the 15-inch Surface Book, so you can use the Xbox's controller to navigate virtual space in concert with with Microsoft-certified MR/VR headsets or while simply playing games.

None of us press folk has yet been able to use these Surface Book 2 devices for any length of time, even though we saw them a week ago at a private Microsoft event. In addition, there are 2x USB Type A 3.1 USB ports, full-size SDXC card reader, headphone jack and Surface Connect port.

But particularly with the 13-inch Surface Book 2, it does look like Microsoft has packed in significantly more powerful chips than Apple. The laptop has been created to handle graphics intensive game like GoW 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 at FHD 60FPS.

It is also Windows Mixed Reality Ultra ready. Microsoft was clearly focused on maintaining pixel density (it's slightly less dense than the 13-inch model at 260PPI) rather than dazzling you with a 4K screen. Thanks to the powerful GPU inside, the Surface Book 2 can easily handle most games at 1080p resolution.

Microsoft's battery life claims are equally jaw-dropping.

"The 15" Surface Book 2 delivers nearly seven million dazzling pixels - 45% more than the MacBook Pro - giving artists and professionals alike unbelievable pixel density on an even larger creative canvas. The 15-inch model can also be outfitted with NVIDIA's GTX 1060 GPU, while the 13-inch can come with NVIDIA's GTX 1050. The Surface Book 2 will be available starting from November 16, and the base price is $1,499. Pre-orders for both devices will open November 9.