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NAB creates app for Google Assistant

06 October 2017
NAB creates app for Google Assistant

You can download the Play Store APK like any other APK and continue to receive official updates from Google like you did before this installation. Add to that even earlier version numbers (8.2.38, 8.2.37, 8.2.36 and 8.2.32) and you get the idea that Google is pushing out changes as rapidly to the Play Store as it can.

"The App does not need so much space on mobile phone and it takes a few seconds to download".

This was typically one of the main sections on the Google Store, but 9to5google noticed that it had been pulled yesterday during the launch of the new devices.

NAB has created an app for Google Assistant that allows customers to use voice prompts to find information about the bank's products and services.

Talking about under the hood changes, the focus lately has been on security fixes, Google had to face a lot of heat recently due to malware being found in the apps present on the Play Store, and the company has been providing regular updates since then to come clean out of this mess. Compatible devices already have Assistant installed in them that can be operated by tapping and holding the "home button" or just by saying "Ok, Google". The publication notes that the creation of a standalone app may also help users include it as part of an automation tool like IFTTT or Tasker. Developers can now submit Assistant apps, aka Google Assistant Actions, which perform payment transactions.

Google is also introducing Assistant Apps for Families that that comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act in the USA - as one would expect, these apps are now limited to the United States.

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