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Russian Federation strikes kill 120 Daesh militants

08 October 2017
Russian Federation strikes kill 120 Daesh militants

The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media said troops are marching south from Deir el-Zour toward Mayadeen under the cover of airstrikes.

It said that its strikes killed 120 ISIS fighters and that 60 of them were foreign fighters from the former Soviet republics, Egypt and Tunisia.

Dozens of ISIS militants, among them warlords and foreign fighters, were killed in a series of Russian airstrikes in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Syrian army and allied forces have reportedly closed in on the eastern city of al-Mayadin, which is viewed as the current main stronghold of the Daesh terrorist group in the Arab country.

Military sources say that the Tiger Forces are advancing under cover of heavy rocket and howitzer fire which is now targeting IS positions and rally points in the city center and in the eastern districts of Al-Mayadeen. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that in the last 24 hours, Russian Aerospace forces in Syria were focused on destroying Daesh reinforcements with a large number of foreign mercenaries arriving from Iraq to the region of Abu Kamal along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The most recent charge against Russian Federation came a day earlier when the Britain-based Human Rights' Observatory Group accused its forces of killing 14 civilians, including 3 children in an air raid carried out near the Euphrates in Al Mayadeen region.

"According to information received via several channels and confirmed "on the ground", influential Daesh field commanders, natives of the North Caucasus: Abu Omar al-Shishani, Alyauddin Al-Shishani and Salahuddin al-Shishani, who were hiding in Iraq for a long time, were destroyed", Konashenkov said.

Backed by Russian air power, the army has continued its advance towards Mayadeen from Deir Ezzor along the Euphrates valley.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in August that the recapture of Deir Ezzor would "say a lot, if not everything, about the end of the battle with [ISIS]" in an interview with Russian state broadcaster Rossiya 24.

The area has become a "black hole", posing a threat to Syrian army's offensive against the IS in eastern Der el-Zour province, he added.