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Stephen Paddock shot security guard before firing on Las Vegas concert

11 October 2017
Stephen Paddock shot security guard before firing on Las Vegas concert

The gunman who killed 58 people at a Las Vegas concert shot a hotel security guard minutes before opening fire onto the crowd, authorities said Monday, shifting officials' timeline of the slayings.

He told reporters Monday that Paddock shot Campos at 9:59 p.m. local time on October 1, roughly six minutes before turning his gun on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

Police have a "pretty comprehensive timeline prior to the shooting", Lombardo said, but he declined to say whether the high-stakes video poker player had been gambling immediately prior to embarking on his killing spree.

Paddock's final shots were fired at 10:15 p.m., according to police. Campos then radioed for police, who accosted Paddock in his hotel room where he committed suicide.

Making the revelation, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo significantly changed the timeline of events, increasing the mystery surrounding America's worst mass shooting.

"Our officers got there as fast as they possibly could and they did what they were trained to do", Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said. "They are minute changes".

Police first knew about Campos when they arrived on the 32 floor at 10:17 p.m. and met him in the corridor.

Paddock first shot the man approximately six minutes before unloading dozens of rounds from his Mandalay Bay resort suite.

New details about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock have emerged and may offer more insight into his behavior and personality prior to last week's tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest festival.

"I'm here to help them move forward with their investigation", Paddock, 57, told The Las Vegas Review Journal Sunday outside his hotel.

But Conrade told CNN on Monday he later heard repeated gunfire.

The sound echoed in his window, he said.

"Like everyone, I'm struggling to understand what happened that night", Aldean said.

Sherriff Lombardo has said previously it is possible that Paddock had planned to escape.

Conrade said the the second breach rattled his hotel room.

Those who were in two areas of the concert grounds were being allowed to retrieve their things in groups, with authorities expanding the offer today to include people who were seated west of the stage.

He said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Las Vegas Metro police had revisited Paddock's homes in Mesquite and Reno, looking for clues about a motive.

Americans still know very little about shooter Stephen Paddock other than that he was a wealthy real estate investor turned gambler.

The sheriff said authorities have received 200 accounts of Paddock traveling throughout Las Vegas, and that he "has never been seen with anyone else".

Paddock said that everything in the room at the Cosmopolitan was "comped", or free.

"In coordination with the FBI's Behavioral Analyst Unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and now we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspect's life for us to key in on", Lombardo said.

As Heavy reported, Lombardo was not willing to make the "assumption" that Campos' presence on the 32nd floor that night in any way sped up Paddock's deadly plans.