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Stranger Things Launches Free Mobile Game Ahead of Season 2

07 October 2017
Stranger Things Launches Free Mobile Game Ahead of Season 2

"Stranger Things: The Game" has been created by BonusXP, Inc. with Netflix for Android and iOS and contains no in-app purchases whatsoever - just explore Hawkins for free and avoid getting killed by the Demogorgon.

Netflix's surprise hit of a year ago 'Stranger Things' comes back for its highly anticipated second season on October 27, but if you can't wait that long you're in luck! The show revolves around a group of boys in smalltown in who stumble on a mysterious government research project and a telekinetic girl - and the alternate universe of the Upside Down. As an example, Nancy uses bats and Lucas has a Wrist Rocket. It has released Stranger Things: The Game, a mobile title that gives players control of the young heroes of its universe.

If this project earns enough attention, perhaps we will see more Stranger Things video games release, maybe even for consoles instead of mobile platforms.

The Stranger Things game features retro graphics and a chiptune soundtrack, hearkening back to the 80s milieu that serves as the Netflix show's backdrop. You can play as different characters, and they each have their own special abilities that allow you to solve puzzles and progress.

The Stranger Things game has a top-down view, like a NES or SNES Zelda game, and has a old-school action adventure feel to it.

"I said, 'What if they show you a body?' She said, 'If you don't see it happen, you don't believe it'". It's modeled as a re-telling of the first season, only more videogame-y. You'll cruise through the introductory bits before the difficulty level moves up a notch and you need to be more on your toes (or fingertips). Reddit user icecreamboy201 says the video is only accessible roll after you beat the game. The game even includes Speed Run times, so you and your friends can compete.