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Trump smiles, winks when asked about 'calm before the storm' remark

08 October 2017
Trump smiles, winks when asked about 'calm before the storm' remark

Donald Trump has come under fire already this week when in a freaky move, he threw paper towels into an audience of Puerto Rican people.

A second reporter asked Trump if the "storm" was in reference to action regarding Iran or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Donald Trump and Melania Trump host a Hispanic Heritage Month event at the White House on October 6.

When asked again what he meant, Trump said only: "You'll find out".

Sophisticated traders of distressed debt know all too well that the president does not have the power to wipe out the island's debt and there is no appetite for a bailout, one investment adviser said.

"We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico".

The United States is now in a diplomatic crisis with North Korea - one in which both nation's leaders have threatened the other's country with annihilation.

"We're going to continue doing that. But at the same time, the President is going to keep all of his options on the table".

'In North Korea, our goal is denuclearization, ' he said.

With the spokesperson unable to furnish a satisfactory response, reporters fell back on the "madman theory" - could he have subscribed to that?

Sanders cautioned that Trump 'certainly doesn't want to lay out his game plan for our enemies'.

"Absolutely. The president is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment", Sanders replied.

Or could Trump be messing with the press?

The president repeatedly tried to say "Puerto Rico" in what he deemed to be a Spanish accent but which actually turned out to be something entirely alien. "Which I think is the wrong thing for her to do for her constituents, and I hope the next time she is given the opportunity to help her constituents, she'll take it".

But she added, "We have a lot of bad actors in the world, North Korea, Iran, several examples there".