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Duterte says he has killed someone at 16

12 November 2017
Duterte says he has killed someone at 16

Across town, protesters from the militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) rallied outside Trump Towers, claiming the United States president had the intention of using the Philippines' territory to install more American military bases and that his heightened involvement in the country's affairs could drag them into war. "When have you seen drug suspects surrender by their thousands? You told me while you were leaving Russian Federation, you told me that you had to go back and install law and order to attack terrorists that's why I'd like to say that you managed to do just that", he said.

"For Russia, just a small window where we can start exporting our products there".

He told the crowd: "I will slap her in front of you. Why?" Because you are insulting me. Why?

Putin said it was "great pleasure" to meet Duterte again, recalling that the Philippine President was forced to cut short his visit to Russian Federation due to terror attack in his country.

The controversial leader has waged a war on drugs in the Philippine since he took office in June 2016.

The two men, both of whom ran a contentious and fiery election campaigns, share a knack for saying most offensive things about women and have a deep hatred for media, have apparently developed a "warm rapport" during their friendly phone calls and exchange of letters, according to the White House.

"I would like to convey to you the gratitude of the Filipino people for your timely assistance, especially the trucks and the arms that you sent because we have to replenish-the supplies were getting low", he said.

The Philippines was to buy more than 20,000 assault rifles from the United States, but some senators, concerned with Duterte's human rights record and rising killings, blocked that sale. "Lay off. That is not your business".

But Aguirre and officials of the Bureau of Immigration under his office admitted they have yet to receive an order from Duterte banning the entry of the two U.S. lawmakers into the country. "We badly needed help and it was China who first came to our aid", Duterte told Xi during their bilateral meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Moreover, Duterte also threatened to ban Democratic Rep. James McGovern and Republican Rep.

"I think it was in jest". [He] reprimanded me. Why do you reprimand me?

"Trump represents the worst aspects of USA imperialism", Bayan said in a statement.

"You know, they should know that we nurture gratitude.same with China, and America, and Israel".