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Israel says downed Syrian spy drone over Golan Heights

13 November 2017
Israel says downed Syrian spy drone over Golan Heights

It admits the failure of the military solution, but the most unsafe thing about it is that it accepts the temporary geographic distribution of Syria between four foreign parties which are Russian Federation, the US, Iran and Turkey.

However, the internationally acceptable positioning, albeit temporary, would mean regional conflict between Iraq, Israel and Turkey, all of which are getting ready for the "post-ceasefire" stage.Recently published satellite maps show that Iran is building a series of small military bases, extending from the southern suburbs of Damascus to the Golan, apart from the military compounds built by Lebanese Hezbollah in its positions in other areas inside Syria.

Like the rest of the region's countries, Israel underestimated Iran's infiltration of Syria.

Yet, even if major forces agree upon suspending fights, we should be anxious about the new stage indicators of regional confrontations inside and outside Syria.

The pact "does not meet Israel's unequivocal demand that there will not be developments that bring the forces of Hezbollah or Iran to the Israel-Syria border in the north", Hanegbi told reporters Sunday, according to a Reuters report. "We will not allow the Shiite axis to establish a front command center in Syria".

Therefore, the new Israeli threats are against Hezbollah in both Lebanon and Syria and they aim to confront the new reality.

"We hold the Syrian regime responsible for any firing or breach of sovereignty and call on it to hold back all players active in its territory", Lieberman said in a statement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives to the weekly government meeting at the PM's office in Jerusalem, on November 12, 2017.

Israel, Turkey and Iraq are states that share borders with Syria and are directly concerned with the solution details- such as which local and foreign militias control the situation on the ground.

While Russian support has kept Assad in power, helping Putin expand Russian clout across the region, the seeking to have influence in any plan to help the nation recover from years of civil war.

This is the reality which I do not know how the agreement to end the war in Syria will handle. The agreement only ends the existence of terrorist groups such as ISIS, al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham, but will fail in ridding Syria of more risky regional militias.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed is the former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel.