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McDonald's manager reportedly attacked over nuggets order

13 November 2017
McDonald's manager reportedly attacked over nuggets order

They then both climbed through the window and attacked the manager.

"All of a sudden, I hear yelling and see these two girls just spring out of the auto and literally just dive headfirst into the drive thru window", said McNeely, who just happened to be in the vehicle behind these two women around 3:00 a.m. Friday.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on Friday morning at a McDonalds in Indianapolis when two women pulled into the drive-thru complaining that they hadn't received the chicken McNuggets that they ordered, Fox 59 said.

The women said they would like to purchase McNuggets, to which the manager responded by informing them they would need to drive around and re-enter the drive-thru line to place the order, police said.

"I thought that they were robbing", said McNeely, "and when I heard the shouting I thought 'Please tell me this is not happening to me'".

"I thought they were robbing, at first, I thought they were robbing the McDonald's there".

The pair got angry after realising they hadn't been given all of the nuggets they ordered.

"All I knew was I had to just keep on rolling and keep on shooting that video because it was going to help the individuals inside especially that last bit of video because that's when I captured the license plate number", she said.

Video of a McDonald's melee is going viral on social media, and the entire freaky incident happened right here in Indianapolis. The manager told them they didn't order McNuggets, and he reprinted their receipt to ensure they didn't pay for McNuggets. The store manager was not injured.

McNeely said she had no idea what the fight was about at the time and couldn't believe it was over chicken nuggets.