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Talk of independent Kashmir wrong: Farooq Abdullah

12 November 2017
Talk of independent Kashmir wrong: Farooq Abdullah

Opposition National Conference president and former J&K Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said "independent Kashmir" was not an option and claimed that Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) belongs to Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir to India.

"The people of Kashmir have not given sacrifices for so-called autonomy under which a Prime Minister (Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah) was thrown into jail for eleven years", he said. "That is the reason behind the current situation in Kashmir", Abdullah said. He rejected the NC leader and three-time Chief Minister's statement before media earlier during the day as "absurd and non-serious" and said that he always issues controversial statements.

He called Kashmir landlocked and said that Kashmiris have no freedom.

Around One lakh West Pakistan Refugees settled in different parts of Jammu Region since 1947 have nearly made up their mind to step out of Jammu and Kashmir if the government failed to address their long pending "humanitarian" issue of granting them the citizenship rights. On the one hand Shri Rajnath Singh declared that by 2022 we will resolve Kashmir issue on permanent basis but on the other hand Dr Jitender Singh the Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office said there is no problem in Kashmir. It accused the Abdullahs of shunning the "path of freedom" and "sacrificing the interests of Kashmiris for their lust of power" and "to serve their own selfish goals".

He also said, "Internal autonomy is our right. That part will remain with Pakistan and this part will remain with India, and both Kashmirs should be granted autonomy". "The Indian government must also hold talks with Pakistan government because a part of Kashmir is also with them", he said. All three of them have atom bombs. Mrs. Inndira Gandhi was not willing to even concede to restore 1952-position of the centre-state relations in the Jammu and Kashmir State. "This is not only a negative approach but sets a risky precedence where the facts are deliberately being muzzled". "Only then the peace will return". "Those who are talking about Aazadi (independence) are wrong". "The government of India should not only hold talks with the people of Jammu and Kashmir but also with Pakistan, because one part of Kashmir is with the Pakistan".

"However, the way dialogue process is being handled by the Modi-led regime at the Center, I am getting a little skeptical about its outcome", he added. We have always been forthcoming with them. He also directed that while the state is facing unrest in the Valley, India is not contributing much towards peace.