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YouTube App Causing Battery Drain On iOS 11

15 November 2017
YouTube App Causing Battery Drain On iOS 11

In case you were wondering which version of iOS will enable 7.5 watts of fast wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, now you know.

Using the Belkin charger that Apple sells, which does support 7.5W charging speeds, the iPhone X was charged from 46 to 66 percent over the course of thirty minutes. However, while convenient, it did have some drawbacks compared to plugging in an old-fashioned Lighting cable. Apple's working on its own AirPower wireless charging pad, one that will charge up to three devices at a time like (your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch). That's because the current implementation maxes out at 5W, even though the Qi standard itself will handle more power with compatible chargers.

Not every wireless charging pad supports the faster 7.5-watt charging rate, meaning you might need to shell out for a new model if you want to take advantage of faster speeds.

The problem appears to be affecting all devices running iOS 11 when using the YouTube app. People are reporting that their device is running hot whilst using the app and also draining the battery, one user reported a battery drain of around 20 percent whilst using the app for 15 minutes. On a non-7.5W charger, the same period of time only saw the phone charge from 46-percent to 60-percent. However, iPhone X jailbroken actually means that the Apple's latest phone does have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to offer users a jailbreak. The Qi standard, now at v1.2, actually supports up to 15W being delivered.

Apple had previously said faster speeds would be released in a future update, which seems to be iOS 11.2.