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Amazon Prime Video finally comes to Apple TV

08 December 2017
Amazon Prime Video finally comes to Apple TV

The streamer, which has managed to make itself a neutral third party in the conflicts, makes set-top boxes and dongles and has a smart TV software platform that supports all the major streaming video services.

Amazon's Prime Video app has finally arrived on Apple TV. Google isn't happy that Amazon isn't listing Nest (a Google/Alphabet owned company) devices on its U.S. storefront, and had earlier dropped access for Amazon's Echo Show platform before announcing this week that it would remove access for Fire TV owners as well.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV?

With Amazon finally relenting on its years-long holdout, it seems the company may be finally realizing it needs support from partners like Apple if its streaming video service is going to thrive.

Whether the decision to roll out Amazon Prime on the Apple TV today is related, or purely coincidental, remains to be seen. It wasn't until relatively recently at WWDC 2017 when Apple and Amazon belatedly said they had reached an agreement to develop a dedicated tvOS app for the Apple TV. Apple again acknowledged the impending release at its September event last month, but again failed to mention any specific release date and the app subsequently missed the release of the all-new Apple TV 4K.

But the Cupertino company counteracted the attack by omitting any shows offered by Amazon in its iOS 10.2 update that included the TV app for its Apple TV - and the two have been rivals since.

Amazon said in a statement, per Reuters, that it hopes to resolves the dispute with Google, but added that the search giant was "setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website".