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IPhone bug causes headaches for users - but there's an easy fix

04 December 2017
IPhone bug causes headaches for users - but there's an easy fix

In iOS 11.2, Apple is fixing a weird but critical bug where at 12:15 AM local time this morning, devices running iOS 11.1.2 would repeatedly crash.

Or you could also stick with the iOS 11 and don't further upgrade it to a later 11.0.x version. The second issue that's being patched with iOS 11.1.1 is related to Siri's problems to respond to vocal commands.

The iOS 11.2 brings some UI changes for the iPhone X. For instance, now there is a small bar underneath the status bar icons which is located at the upper right of the Lock Screen.

Users who haven't received the update yet can manually go to the General Settings Software update.

There's a bug in iOS versions prior to 11.2 that causes apps with local notifications to crash your iPhone or iPad once your date is set to December 2nd (or later).

Yesterday, my wife's iPhone 7 Plus started shutting continuously without apparent cause.

As the week draws to close, it's definitely been a long one for Apple's software engineers.

Tap an app, then turn off Allow Notifications. The latter allows users to send and receive payments using the iMessage app.

Siri can also be used to conduct Apple Pay Cash transactions. You can make use of this money to purchase things online or you can even transfer the money directly to your own personal bank account.

Besides preventing your iPhone from entering an infinite loop of reboot doom or turning your 24 into a 6, iOS 11.2 finally brings us Apple Pay Cash, the now-official name for Apple's person-to-person Apple Pay feature. So you can simply remove and can get rid of all the issues on your phone. A few other tidbits are also included in this update. The new update has new control center panel with improved design and background color. If you are affected by the bug, you would have to follow certain steps if you want a seamless iOS 11.2 download.