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Jimmy Kimmel accepts Roy Moore invite after Twitter war

02 December 2017
Jimmy Kimmel accepts Roy Moore invite after Twitter war

Many national Republicans have abandoned Moore after multiple women accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct when they were as young as 14. "We can't stand on the sidelines anymore", the ad's narrator says. He made it a mainstream issue, and he is credited to helping to defeat their disgusting attempt to repeal healthcare from a lot of people in this country.

Kimmel considered whether Moore's request to "do it man to man" meant that Moore wanted to fight him. He did specifically mention Kimmel by name in that tweet, so Kimmel responded, "Let me know when you get some Christian values".

For more, this is just one video you have to see.

I think you're actually going to like this, Roy. Those don't exactly scream "Christian values" to me, nor should they to anyone else in this country. Why don't you come, instead of mocking Southerners? Kimmel says: "Roy Moore was reportedly so creepy around young girls that he was banned from the mall in Gadsden, Alabama".

He recently spoke at an event outside the state Capitol declaring that Alabama voters have been picked by God to decide the nation's future. Moore has denied allegations of sexual misconduct and has sought to cast doubt on his accusers' stories.

The Doug Jones campaign outraised Roy Moore's campaign by a wide margin during October and the first three weeks of November, Roll Call reported. "These false allegations, a liberal smear tactic against me", and an attack by the Republican establishment.

Jimmy Kimmel understands this.

Kimmel read the Twitter exchange during his opening monologue on Thursday night: "And I responded, and he responded back, and I responded again". It all started when Jimmy Kimmel Live sent Jake Byrd, a fictional character who has appeared on the show before, to crash Moore's speech at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church, posing as a fake fan.