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Modi praises Sunni Board's stance on Ram Mandir hearing issue

08 December 2017
Modi praises Sunni Board's stance on Ram Mandir hearing issue

"We held three meetings between November and December 4, when the final note was handed over to Sibal". The coming together of the two meant politicians cutting across party lines used the former as a poll plank for the latter.

BJP chief Amit Shah tweeted that the Sunni Waqf Board stated that they don't agree with what Sibal said in court. He said it was the most important litigation in the history of India and the case had widespread ramifications.

The Supreme Court yesterday deferred hearing in the case for February 8, 2018. He is representing one of the private parties involved in the suit.

Speaking to, Bhatia said, "Supreme Court's order of the day clearly states that Kapil Sibal represented the Sunni Waqf Board and therefore, the truth is now out". We want a solution to the issue at the earliest.

PM was quick to congratulate Mehboob and the Waqf Board for exposing the Congress design through Sibal even before the Board sought to clarify that Mehboob had no locus standi in the organisation.

Sibal's remarks also led to a flood of criticism from Opposition parties and leaders.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi yesterday took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that "unlike Narendrabhai" he was human and could err. "He is entitled to do that, but is it right for him to say postpone the hearing till 2019?" "Is such thinking proper?" "The Ram temple in Ayodhya will be built only when the Lord wants and the courts will decide and not Modi", he also said. "Now, the Congress links Ram mandir with the elections. They are least bothered about the nation", Modi said. "Congress is now famous for doing appeasement politics and is communalising every aspect of it". I ask you how does the 2019 general elections affect Kapil Sibal personally or the Waqf Board?

He said party spokesman Ranjit Singh Surjewala's statement that it was a personal view of Sibal and not of the Congress party would not do.

This submission of Kapil Sibal led to huge uproar with the Sunni Waqf Board and his own Congress party dissociating themselves from the suggestion to delay resolution of the over 70-year-case.

The Congress Party then furthered the war of words and said the BJP was raking up non-issues just to garner votes. "No such directive had been given by the board", Chairman of the Sunni Waqf Board Zafar Farooqui said.