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Nintendo games remastered for Nvidia Shield in China

07 December 2017
Nintendo games remastered for Nvidia Shield in China

All these games are running in HD and cost a mere $10 each (RMB 68). With a backlog of titles, a brand new phenomenon of a console waiting for release, and a desire to finally establish a foothold with a potentially big new audience, Nintendo has followed through on a deal that will see both Wii and Gamecube games ported to the Nvidia Shield in glorious 1080p.

A Nintendo spokesman said the agreement is limited to China and the Nvidia Shield, and isn't indicative of a broader strategic change.

How things such as motion control have been handled in the conversion we don't know, although New Super Mario Bros will apparently run at 1080p - and the same is understood to be true of the other titles, too.

Through a licensing deal with Nvidia, Nintendo is bringing major Wii and GameCube games to Android. However, the games won't be available via a Nintendo console, rather these classic titles will run on Nvidia Shield, according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Nvidia Shield was introduced in 2014 globally as a portable gaming device, but has seen limited success. This has ensured that gamers eager to play a new version of Mario Kart can only do so if they buy a Nintendo machine. It also marks the first time these games will have been supported in China, ever.

During Nintendo's latest earnings briefing, President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the company knows China is a big gaming market, but they are not selling Switch in that market now.

Speaking to Engadget, Nvidia has revealed that Nintendo will release remastered versions of New Super Mario Bros. SHIELD will bring Chinese customers a brand-new experience in gaming, AI and home entertainment with Baidu's DuerOS conversational AI system and abundant entertainment options from iQIYI. The company further confirmed that Super Mario Galaxy will arrive on the Shield soon alongside other titles from both consoles.