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Number of flu cases already higher than past year

05 December 2017
Number of flu cases already higher than past year

AHS's statistics also indicate influenza has been somewhat more active earlier in the season than past year.

There have been five deaths in total across the province - four more than a year ago.

Even worse, it appears the dominant strain will be H3N2, which can produce more severe illness, said Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

"Get a flu shot every year, usually in the fall".

You can enter your ZIP Code and find places to get vaccinated here.

Wash your hands frequently during the flu season.

Yearly vaccines are necessary because influenza viruses are continuously mutating.

As a result, hospitals are getting ready for a major increase in flu cases during the holiday season. "Flu is more likely to lead to hospitalization or death for people in the high risk groups, and their first line of defense is vaccination".

The vaccine used in the Southern Hemisphere has the same composition of the one used in North America. "We know the best way to protect yourself is to get immunized".

The strain, H3N2, showed a high level of resistance to vaccines in Australia, and is expected to continue to do so in Canada.

As of November 25, 371 people across Canada have been hospitalized due to the flu and eight have died.

The vaccination program ended a couple of weeks ago, and in addition to adults getting their shots, 1,890 Campbell County students also received a flu shot, said Nachelle McGrath, Campbell County Healthcare Foundation executive director.

Deti cautions that the county data is often inaccurate because many people do not go to the doctor when they have the flu and those who do often don't get officially tested and diagnosed.

But the Fauci article points to another possible factor: most flu vaccines are grown in eggs.

Reported cases represent only a small percentage of those in our communities who actually have the flu because many people do not seek treatment and testing.

And for kids between the ages of 6 months and 8 years who are getting a first-ever flu vaccination, they'll need two doses a month apart.