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NY AG Calls for Probe, Delayed Net Neutrality Vote

05 December 2017
NY AG Calls for Probe, Delayed Net Neutrality Vote

The Federal Communications Commission is set to dismantle regulations, put in place under President Obama, that are meant to ensure that all online content is treated equally.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat appointed by President Obama who supports keeping the current regulations, said that almost a half-million comments before the FCC were filed from Russian email addresses, and that 50,000 consumer complaints are missing from the record.

The senators are all Democrats and led by Sen.

It seems that the public letter-writing trend is catching on, with 28 USA senators now co-signing a letter to the FCC officially asking the commission to delay their December 14th vote. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Sen.

In a November 21st open letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Attorney General Schneiderman announced that his office has - for six months - been investigating the submission of enormous numbers of fake comments on the possible repeal of neutrality rules, which used real Americans' identities.

"With what would be a catastrophic vote by the FCC to repeal net neutrality looming, people are ready to take to the streets in protest and to offer Congress one last chance to answer the question: "Do you stand for your constituents" ability to communicate and connect, or do you stand for Verizon's bottom line?" said Mark Stanley, director of communications for Demand Progress, citing the overwhelming bipartisan support for net neutrality rules found in poll after poll.

The FCC, composed of three Republicans and two Democrats, is widely expected to kill net neutrality in favor of what Pai and the Republicans call "light-touch regulation".

The FCC's plan to roll back Title II Net Neutrality regulations has been the subject of dire controversy and heated debate lately.

He also called on the FCC to delay a planned December 14 vote on chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to roll back numerous existing rules, which now ban internet providers from blocking or throttling traffic, or from selling "fast lanes" so content providers can reach consumers more quickly. The agency has also said it "lacks the resources" to investigate every one of the comment records. "The FCC has knowingly maintained a system that has already been corrupted and is susceptible to abuse". The FCC's official response is name calling.

To this end, we request a thorough investigation by the FCC into reports that bots may have interfered with this proceeding by filing hundreds of thousands of comments. "Anyone else see the irony?"

"They just have to stop this vote", Schneiderman said at a press conference, Variety reported.

When SiliconBeat asked Rep. Anna Eshoo, who represents part of Silicon Valley, whether she has received a lot of feedback on this issue from her constituents, she replied, "oh my goodness, yes".

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Meanwhile, an FCC member called on the commission to delay a scheduled December 14 vote on repealing net neutrality rules enacted under the Obama administration until an investigation can be completed.

A spokesperson for the FCC said, "At today's press conference, they didn't identify a single comment relied upon in the draft order as being questionable".